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  • NEW: Sashank is born (4-Dec-2011 @ 8:53 AM). You may call him, among other names, Sasha. View Photo Gallery for his pics and videos !!!
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  • ALSO: Bachelor Party video highlights on YouTube!!! ( click on this link)

Picture of the Crazy Couple

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And thusly began the era of the crazy bees on 14-June-09. The bumbling bee (Bhuvan) got hooked on to the poor bumble bee (Brindha), and this web-site is a celebration of our life as a couple. We welcome every one to share with us the joy of our wedding.

We have uploaded the photos of our wedding, as well as Bhuvan's really crazy Bachelor Party thrown by his friends at Nuremberg on the day before he left for India for his marriage.

And yes, there is the small matter of the video highlights of his Bachelor's Party, on YouTube, at this link: Make sure you watch this video in full screen mode, so you can not only see the video better, but also enjoy the comments added at various time-points of the video.

Please visit the section "Photo Gallery" where these photos are to be found, under their own separate categories. Please go into each category and view each picture therein.
And yeah, please feel free to comment on the pictures and share with us in our moment of joy. Thanks and welcome again!!!

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